Your appointment is booked and you have entrusted us to spay or neuter your pet and all is taken care of correct? In-correct!

There is so much more to just booking the appointment and dropping off for the spay or neuter procedure for your pet. A surgery is only successful if the after care is done properly.

After any spay or neuter your pet must wear a cone for 10-14 days. This is very important to ensure that they don’t lick the surgical incision. If they lick the incision they could cause an infection or irritation which could lead to the need for antibiotics. We always encourage our clients at Chilliwack Animal Hospital to always keep their pets cone on even if they feel sorry for them or if their pet looks sad.

Next important thing to remember after a spay or neuter or any surgery that involves sedation is to limit the pets food and water the first night. We always recommend to give ONLY half of their normal diet and small amounts of water and start their regular diet routine back the next day. Sometimes after sedation if an animal drinks or eats too much they will vomit from side effect of the sedation. Clients sometimes rush to the emergency clinic thinking something has gone wrong with the surgery and this is not the case. This is from eating and drinking too much after surgery.

Third important thing to remember after a spay or neuter is to avoid rough activity and limit jumping. This will prevent the incision from opening or becoming swollen especially in large breed males. Make sure to always check the incision to ensure there is no pus or discharge or smell coming from it. If you do notice these signs please return to us or contact us at +1 (604) 825-8640‬.

Last but not least we give a 10-14 day follow up FREE after all surgeries not just our spays and neuters. So book an appointment with the veterinarian to let him see how things are going after surgery.

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