You may be surprised to know but just like humans, dogs too get excited as the springtime approaches. After all, they are also stuck indoors throughout the winter to escape from the nasty Canadian winters. But with spring, it is time for them to enjoy the warm, cozy weather and run around in their full glory. Here are the top amazing spring activities that you can enjoy with your dog and make the most of springtime.


Pet parents love to take their dogs out for a shopping spree. Many stores love to entertain their customer’s pets. If you need to buy a swimming accessory why not head to Abercrombie and Fitch with your pooch and while you get some retail therapy, your pet does not feel left out. Feeling artsy? Michael’s love to have your pooch friends aboard. If you are thinking about doing some pottery and yard decor, Pottery Barn and Home Decor allow your pets to accompany you. Although some retail chains support pets in the store, it is best to call up your local retail store to check with their pet policy. After all, you don’t want is to be disappointed at the last minute.


Just like you, your pooch may also benefit from a new surrounding. Why not take a vacation with your pet and allow them to experience the fun and thrill of new surroundings? Make sure to check for pet-friendly hotels for your next vacation. Many pet-friendly hotels even have a canine-specific menu, which means you don’t need to keep worrying about having enough food supplies for your pet.

Physical activity

Spring is the perfect time to spend outdoors. If you are thinking of going for a run, take your pooch along too. Dogs love physical activities like running, jumping, trail walks, etc. Simple activities like fetch can be their favourite pastime. Many outdoor health groups are pet-friendly and encourage you to get your pet along for walks, cycling and even park yoga. Having a simple run or walk in the park with your dog can help you to make your and your pet’s day interesting.

Outdoor bath

Outdoors and water are probably your pet’s favourite combination. When the weather gets substantially warm, how about cooling your dog with a splash of water. Use a sprinkler or hose or baby pool in your garden to bathe your dog. Try to keep him confined using a big tub so that he does not get dirt and mud around him. While he runs and experiences water play freely, you get freedom from post-bath mess cleaning.


Spring is a great time for you and your pet to enjoy the outdoors and different activities. However, it is also important to make sure that your pet is healthy and fit to experience these activities. Before going on a vacation or undertaking any strenuous activity with your pet, speak to the best local veterinarian from Chilliwack Animal Hospital and get your pet examined for ensuring general well being and health.

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